WHT News letters are a thing of the past

WHT news letters are a thing of the past.

I remember when I use to look forward to reading his news letters every month . Which  many years later it made
me realize that’s why I kept coming back to WHT is because he would mention and recognize members of the community. Which kept it interesting.

I wish I had one of the old news letters he typed up the format was unique and so was the content that Dennis wrote every month and it was pretty much like clock work and I think Penton should have taken a lessons from him.

It made me think if I ever start my own community that news letters can be vital part and telling people whats going on and it isn’t until now I thought about this. I still think WHT still has decent reputation but not as fun like it is the Christmas names are no longer almost feels like robots run the forum granted there is quite few great members on there I still enjoy the forum.

this was just a random thought I thought I’d share with people.

Author: Chris