Starting a webhosting V1

There are many post out there but I think mine covers most bases.

Webhosting is not a hobby it’s a business if you want a hobby collect coins or poke man cards. If you want to succeed you must be willing to put all your energy in this yes it can be stressful and you may have to setup everything from your site to billing system unless you got the budget to pay someone to do this for you. If your 15 year old I wouldn’t recommend this due to school now if your in your 20’s and have job and have plenty of time during the day or night then I’d recommend this you will need a main income flow to get this going.

This will take months if even years to get off the ground unless you got connections or already have clients.

What you need. 

  •  Catchy domain and website
  •  2 Virtual Private Servers to start with.
  •  SSL for your website. (If you don’t know what this is click X)
  •  Knowledge of web hosting and security.
  •  Dedication. (You must eat, breath webhosting)
  •  Billing system preferably not WHMCS you want to go with blesta
  •  Off Site status page,
  •  Off site email is recommended.
  •  Do you have enough money. $30.00 – $1000 Monthly and even more.
  •  Make sure you have good security on your servers especially on your business site.

Hosting Providers  

  • (For domain and hosting)

License Providers

  • (The best deals on Blesta)
  • (Cpanel License and much more)
  • (Cpanel License)

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