How to start up your own internet radio.

I tell you this is all locked up in my brain.

So for starters I’d recommend getting it licenses granted if your cheap chances of you getting caught are very thin but of course I’d recommend doing the right thing. 

What you need?

  • Computer of course
  • Cable or dsl internet
  • Software (Sam Broadcaster Virtual DJ) -I never said it would be free-
  • Find a good shoutcast hosting

Where the heck do I get license so I can play songs that the radio plays with out having the RIAA on my tail? the site may look way old school but it’s trust worthy. They even provide a shout cast server if I am not mistaken.

You can build a site if you want to and throw a chat on there of course I’d recommend using WordPress you could easily pipe in what your playing.


Author: Chris

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