What’s better than Netflix?

The question is what type of shows do you like to watch? What’s your fix on shows? Are you a dexter morgan type of person or you Marvel type of person? I do believe most of these are monthly other than the one Epix and their no contracts.

Netflix $8.99 – $17.99 Per Month

Hulu $6.99 – $75.99 Per Month

Disney Plus $7.99 Per Month (you can pay yearly)

Prime Video Only $8.99 Per Month

Showtime $10.99 Per Month

HBO $9.99 Per Month

Cinemax $9.99 Per month

Starz $8.99 Per Month

HallMark $5.99 Per Month

AMC $8.99 Per Month

Epix $30 Every 6 Months

Bet+ $9.99 Per Month

Roku – it’s free to sign up and you can find over 100s of places AMc, stars to subscribe to.

Personally, I’ve been a Netflix buff most of my life but I’ve tried Hulu, Disney plus and I have found a few other places that get the latest movies sometimes faster than Netflix but now don’t let that steer you away from Netflix now

Author: Chris

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