Do you think shared hosting providers are more secure these days?

I’ve often wondered how secure is shared hosting these days? in the past you couldn’t just install WHM/cpanel along and just start hosting clients on it you had to make some modifications to apache even install cloudlinux which would strengthen cpanel to make it so people couldn’t do a symlink attack and get in to other accounts on the same server. That was such a common issue most shared hosting companies had.

A third new hosting provider got compromised since they would cut corners and host the billing system on the same shared hosting server then all the son the hosting site would get compromised which many people learned the hard way which it’s to late some hackers would data base dump and sell the data or they would reach out to the hosting provider with there findings sometimes.

From my findings most providers croc web, hawkhost they use cloudlinux, immunity, or sometimes bitninja to keep their shared customers secured which it’s nice to see there was one provider in the past that would actually do a virus scan on everything you uploaded as well. but my question is could you actually host a shopping cart system on a shared hosting server? is it secure? maybe one of these days this theory could be tested with the proper permissions in place of course.

Author: Chris

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