Got An Iphone this is what I learned

When first switching from android to ios I was a bit of skeptical wasn’t for sure whether to stay on android but part of me wanted to switch due to my fiance is on iPhone would be nice to be on the same platform as she is just making things easier.

  • The apple logo on the back is actually a button
  • Siri is not as cool as google assitant is
  • I can still get every app i had on android
  • Transfering from android to apple the app would have taken years to finish so I just told the person at the moble store that i can do it. you can use google to import your contacts which makes your life alot easier.
  • No more message for web due to apple hasn’t made that feature for some reason
  • the apple phone is more heavy the most of your phones out there.

It seems much faster then my old android phone probably due to the specs inside the apple 13 but it works fantastic I love it don’t know why I didn’t start with the iPhone in the first place.

Author: Chris

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