Moving Away From WHM/Cpanel

We finally moved away from WHM/Cpanel partially because there price hiking I can’t personally justify spending $30.00 on a vps license. So Good bye WHM/Cpanel.

Starting a new page so the first thing I though was Direct Admin I started to go through it and realized it was it was more hard the I bargain for and with the cost there was virtually zero support except for the forum now don’t get me wrong here. Direct Admin is nice forum but here is a lot that is lacking in the control panel it self. Trying to import stuff from Cpanel will that’s another story. If you looking to use DA (Direct Admin) It’s better if you have more time and your more of advanced user.

So then after researching I found ispmanager now the price is right and it was actually simple I was able to import my Cpanel backup right on to there platform just few minor hiccups which I’d expect but they were simple and there support was great was able to it most of it resolved within few hours.

The above I’d suggest this to new users. There is a learning curve but once you get the hang of it you will be fine.

Author: Chris

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