Dabbling with Hugo

I wanted to share my experience about hugo. I’m not going to sugar coat this and I will be honest. These are just first thoughts. I may update this

I can compare this experience with going fishing at a lake it takes time and patients to learn. Check it out for your self

The Pros

  • It’s static could be more secure
  • They have some amazing themes
  • They can convert wordpress sites (I yet wonder how that would work with facebook integration)

The Cons

  • Lack of documentation on how to actually add content. A wonderful example would be to do Step by step. Not everyone is developer
  • It’s quit the learning curve.
  • have to use command line.
  • lets say you want to update your page and you don’t have a laptop i don’t suppose you could update this form your phone.
  • Your average user is may have shared hosting where is the how to on that?

Author: Chris

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