Do you plan to use Direct Admin?

I’ve been seeing alot of people wanting to you use DA (Direct admin) over WHM cPanel which I do understand but the crazy thing with DA is that you have to buy directly from them or your provider must sell it.

I mean for 29.99 month how is this more special then WHM/cPanel? I’m sorry I’m just not able to justify spending that amount that has less features then WHM/cPanel and then something hit me as I went on Direct Admins forum which the admin had made comment about the recent price hike which made sense

Retail prices are supposed to be the most expensive (and least desirable) option. They are one option, but not the cheapest option. But no matter what you are buying, a control panel or a new car.. everyone knows “retail” means paying the most.

Getting a license through your datacenter/server provider is almost always the better deal. Data centers get lower prices because support is their responsibility, and they pass on these lower prices to you. And while they are helping you (and giving you a cheaper license), we can focus on development.

DirectAdmin Sales

Which it does make sense actually but if your provider doesn’t offer it the next question is what do you do? I’d say make request for it then if you have friends who have the provider have them make request soon you notice your provider will offer it but then again it depends on how big the provider is as well.

Then realizing the above that I wasn’t thinking about until now feeling like a complete idiot realizing Direct admin is offering such insane deal it wasn’t until today.

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