Looking for a new email provider?

If you’ve been looking around for trusted email providers, we have a few suggestions here for you. Just few that I’ve used in the past. Aol.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com. some of these email providers will even allow you to use your own domain.

If you haven’t already known this but you know why Gmail is free it’s because they sell your data . Have you ever typed up email to friend while using Gmail then all the son that ad shows up out of now were on search or on facebook? there you go.

I’m going to give you a few email providers that actually take your privacy seriously. That I used based of personal experience.

Apple Email @icloud email – They do take your email privacy seriously and don’t sell your data within your emails. (Looks like you can get a free email address @icloud.com still wish they had @mac.com)

Currently have used lavabit. proton free, migadu,

Email solutions for you. (Some of these are a free and paid options)

Email ProvidersMonthlyYearlyCalendar
Proton Plus$3.33$59.88Yes
Proton Unlimited$7.79$172.56Yes
PersonalLook on the siteLook on the site
custom domainLook on the siteLook on the site
Email ProviderMonthlyYearly Calendar
Gmail Starter$6.00NoYes
Gmail Standard$12.00NoYes
Zoho Mail
Zoho lite 5 GB$1.00YesYes
Zoho Lite 10 GB$1.25YesYes
Zoho Premium 50 GB$4.00YesYes

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