What’s the point of backing up if I can restore the same way?

This has been driving me crazy because they have these features where you can easily back up your site but when it comes to restoring your site will good luck with that. I want to give you all a few. tips

Always make sure to do offsite. I never trust onsite backups.

WordPress sites – used updraft this beauty works with google drive, dropbox or normal ftp or even local backup and you can restore your site with it as well. it’s just a matter of installing an fresh WordPress install and add the plugin resign into whatever offsite backup server you have.

SoftaculousTo Backup – Go in to softaculous select WordPress and click on green zip icon then on the next page scroll down to the bottom then click on “back up installation”

To restore your backup – First off go outside of Public_html (if you are using cPanel or direct admin) Then create folder softaculous_backups then upload your zip file.

Author: Chris

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