Internet Trolls and stalkers

Internet Trolls – I can’t tell you how many I’ve ran in to on the internet in my 15 years of being online there are so many of them. You can’t stop them and it’s nearly impossible to banned them due to some will just change there ip or create a new name. It’s very simple to do these days.

Stalkers – I’ve seen and heard this happening to many people online mostly women though which some people get a little too obsessed or mad at a person and they seem to try to put the fear of god in the person there stalking.

What can I do 

Internet Stalkers

  • Avoid giving out the email you get with your internet service provider for one.
  • Avoid giving out any information about yourself online. If you do have to pay for something use paypal and I’d recommend getting a po box to put on the account.
  • Report  them to the local police department. (Screen shot any emails, facebook messages as well as do  text transcript even record this)
  • Never go on any links that you don’t know about.

If the stalking goes from online to offline then you have problem you should report that to your local police department asap and I’d recommend carrying a taser and mace just in case.

Internet Trolls

  • They want reaction out of you so you can ignore them or just be nice to them.
  • Don’t give them ammo and what I mean by that is the less you have on your profile the less they know about you and the less you talk the less likely they will continue to troll you sometimes.

Author: Chris