The cyber bully and the offline bully.

Cyber bullyign

In this new modern age of the internet we have offline bullies and online bullies far different from the internet troll. These types of bullies typically have issues at home and they don’t know how to handle it so they take it out on someone else whether it’s online or offline. We all know about it and we all hear about it every day and we should continue to talk about it and help this world improve on our own ways of handling issues such as this.

Cyber bullying usually begins like this.

  1. It starts out offline at school or message forum
  2. Some way this bully gets your facebook, twitter, email address
  3. then the bullying begins. It’s not only one bully it’s few of them.

Here is some advice on what you can do.

  1. Talk to your parents about this don’t keep it bottled up.
  2. Lockdown your facebook amp up your privacy settings. If you don’t know how will here are few links for you Link 1 Link2
  3. If do have some bullies leaving some nasty comments hit the report and block button. Add only the people you know.
  4. Report comments to your local police department (screenshot comments. record it if your going to auto record look up the local law in your state so you don’t get in trouble)

If it’s moved offline.

  1. Don’t walk home alone.
  2. Inform your parents about this issue.
  3. If you ride a bus site up front near the bus driver.
  4. Keep your earphones off cause your bully may try to strike you. You want to be alert at all times.
  5. Having a cell phone on you wouldn’t hurt. make sure if you are walking you know the location you’re at when you make phone call try to do it in secure location.

If you find yourself having suicidal thoughts. I highly advise you to contact a suicide hotline. Here are few Hopeonline | Suicidepreventionlifeline

Author: Chris