Starting a webhosting business. What you should know

How would you like to learn more about webhosting. Many people will tell you alittle bit with lots of sugar coding but I’ll be honest with you and give you handy links that you will use daily.

When I was in the webhosting business I didn’t get much help besides few people just yanking my chain few times and being embarrassed to own a hosting and asking questions on a forum.

As you may know in this business it’s hard to start fresh and new with little to no money. The idea is to make your site look professional because you want people to trust you. You may want to start with free template you can find on most sites or type in google ‘free webhosting templates’ that will get you started.. but before you consider I would recommend helping a friend or even get a job at a webhosting company before you even want to consider this because not only are you starting something new however it could get really big. You must have dedication be willing to invest money and time..

You remember where I said research it never hurts to know about what you’re going to sell cause if you don’t know about your product why sell it. That’s the important part.. so if you’re going to sell cpanel buy a reseller or vps learn about it and the common errors that happen sometimes you will get errors you have never seen before. Thats when you check out if even ask questions on forums.

What forums should I join?

Where can I find webhosting layouts?

Author: Chris