The past, Security and hackers

Blast to the past

I would like to mention back few years ago it was easy to get people and domain ip addresses but today it gets more harder and harder with these dns hosting providers. You got cloudflare which makes it near impossible to gain an actual sites ip which I do understand you want to hide your ip address if you are getting a denial service attack makes sense their.

Security Update

Even Skype did update so users ips can’t be resolved. Granted you must have the most recent updated version of skype which I’m happy about this now back ¬†few years ago you’d be getting hit offline if someone was ever pissed off at you but now you have less worries. I’d like to thank skype for doing updates I do wonder if they have upgraded further security settings as well.


But for any hacker they love the challenge of getting around anything and new challenges it’s nice to see that most companies have at least few hackers on there team to help advance security abit granted if someone wants to get in a system they will. The internet is full of knowledge if you put it out there it stays out there no deleting it.


Author: Chris