Why macbook ?

I’ve been racking my brain with the question for many months. Granted I did end up getting a refurbished macbook it’s not all that bad but the question is it worth the money for new one? What I like most about it is the display I haven’t seen this on much laptops granted most laptops I buy are not to much money.

What is so special about mac? Is i the operating system or the hardware? Granted I do like the OSx and how it works I do like that part a lot but still I don’t think it’s worth the amount of money they are selling it for. I wonder how much it cost to make a macbook or mac?

Apple could be just money hungry but I’m looking in to as to more of reason why I should buy new macbook over a laptop with lets say windows 10 on it? Can anyone out there help answer they questions?

Author: Chris