Are you looking for a webhosting provider?

If yes I’ll share few good providers as well as inside information on what most providers won’t share.

What you should look for in a good provider? I’d have to say these are the key things here

  • Cloudlinux if your looking for shared hosting is something I’d ask the provider to see if they have it implemented.
  • Cost doesn’t always matter I’ve paid more and got a crappy shared hosting then paid less and got a really good shared hosting.
  • Whether or not the provider has ddos protection on hand or offers it as add on for just in case purpose.
  • How many years the provider has been in business granted. I’ve been with new providers thats provided the best service as well as most new providers don’t have many clients so the server tends to be more better.
  • Support: I’d contact sales first to see how long it takes for them to respond. From there you can pretty much see how fast support and sales is and if you try to contact different times and the same person answers you’ll know it’s a one man show.


What some hosting providers won’t tell you.

  • One man show: A lot of new providers are ran by one person some of those people will make up fake names to make it look like they have support staff when indeed just one person.
  • Some of them out source support. It’s not a bad thing though in some ways cause then support is often handled via India so that’s why sometimes you call you get Indian person and it’s kinda hard to under stand them.  In India the wage is much less then USA so it’s more affordable to hire people remotely from there.
  • Some of the people that run hosting business are sometimes 13 – 16 years old. Which it’s pretty hard to know unless your with bigger provider that’s LLC and some teens I’ve seen put it in there parents names and use there parents paypal.
  • Some hosting business don’t do background checks on there employees. This can be bad thing for the customer information if the employee is fired. They tend to login the portal and mess with support tickets as well as customers.

Providers I’d recommend are worth checking out

  • (Domain, hosting, Vps, Dedicated server, Email hosting)
  • (vps, Dedicated servers)
  • (Shared, vps)

If your on budget but want a dedicated server

  • (Dedicated servers starting at 10.00 Month)
  • (Dedicated servers starting out at 19.95)
  • (Dedicated servers starting at 25.00 not the best but it will do)
  • ( Middle affordable servers starting out at 44.00 month)

Author: Chris