Who remembers bitninja

I decided to give a test for a full month to see how it goes. I haven’t had a dedicated server in years so that’s why I’m testing it out

First thoughts

  • I really can’t justify spending 24.00 months on something I’m hosting for myself not really making a profit on.
  • Prices have gone up but the bit ninja has more features as well I’ll share a few screenshots of some of my favorite features (As I’ve mentioned I pay for this out of my own pocket)

This would be perfect for shared Webhosting servers or if you hosting business sites this would be great after all if you making a profit and have some space in your budget bit ninja is the way to go.

Call me crazy but the word bitjinja just sounds so cool. I’d like to try to get one of there rss feeds on here. I do like to show support to great companies

Author: Chris

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