Is there anything better than WordPress?

It’s been a question that’s been in my mind for a few months now so far I have tried Typo3 it’s more like that cms is typo trying to get the main page to show up good luck. drupel with that one good luck trying to install a theme or find the link.

The key word I look for in cms is simple, not hard you shouldn’t need a college degree to install it and get it to actually work it seems though these days many of the cms you actually need to get a computer engineering degree just to get the page to work. So far I have tested ghost which can’t hold a candle to WordPress if anything they better take some notes. Now I’ve heard of Hugo which again the word simple is tossed in the next country trying to install that on a shared hosting environment is like trying to win the lottery. I feel comfortable to say that I’m sticking with wordpress for many more years.

Author: Chris

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