What drives me crazy about business websites

I look at business sites and I think they could be better. My vision of good site is this less clicks and actual information that helps you find what you want fast instead of clicking a thousand times to find what you want.

A great example

Webhosting sites alot of them have you click through there website a billion times to find what you want. would you rather to go on the hosting page and click on the hosting plan you want and take you to billing right off the bat to purchase it? I know there are some that want you to contact them I don’t knock that method either since that helps get you leads.

Other business sites do the same thing as well which If I stand correct it sounds more like funnel clicking they have you click in to the website and want you to click more then eventually offer you to buy the product at a discounted rate so they say and run a deal make you feel like you should be buy it now when all along the price was that.

The 13 yr old build the site

This would be a basic one page site that gives you address and facebook link and nothing else. Lets say you have vendors you could advertise them or when you go live you can show that on your page as well. It just never hurts to add content to help get foot traffic in the door if your local business.

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