The Twitter Badge Thoughts

I decided to join the cool kids and pay for a Twitter badge at this point I’d say I personally can’t justify paying $8.00 per month to get a cool badge it didn’t amp up my followers. Granted I did look cool like all the other kiddos, teens, and adults on the block.

In personal thoughts, I don’t see myself continuing to use the badge but I do see my self using twitter. They do plan to add more features in the future and then we will come back to this post or make another updated post

See it’s cool
  • Does it Activate instantly? Heck Yea Just a few seconds.
  • Any personal thoughts against Elon? I’d give the guy chance to sit in the chair and do his thing.
  • Do I get special access? There are a few things that you will see here is a screenshot. You can undo tweets and edit them granted I thought we could edit them already then to think back I recall when missing up on a tweet I had to delete and then retweet

I did notice this looks new

Author: Chris

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