The pool is not closed

I’ve came to the conclusion I’ve done alot of work on this site and I decided to do more of a blog base and not forum base until I know for sure people actually want to post content granted I had few good post it’s to bad I didn’t get all the post moved over.  but those who do want to contribute I can always add them on here and they can become an author.  I’ve seen many people succeed with the forums but with my luck it doesn’t seem to be it and it can be costly when it’s coming out of your pocket.

just added

  • When is fresh post is created it goes out to discord, facebook, twitter
  • Comment using facebook. This helps reduce spam

I’m still working on few different ideas and concepts for this site to make it more interactive.

How do I contribute?  first you want to email me [email protected] and I can get you added to the system granted you will be on probation period for 90 days.


Author: Chris