How to win paypal dispute

There are some you just won’t win and some you can which every bit of money you make is worth your while.

  • Chargeback – What you should do is screen shot the customers information and the product you sent them as well as any emails alright if you don’t want to wait call paypal they may ask you to do that as well.
  • Product not received – Screenshot the customers information as well as email logs most billing systems will have email logs even in the back end if you don’t screen shot the product in the customers control panel just to show you delivered it.
  • Unauthorized Transaction – Customers will try to lie to paypal but if they do it often you will win this as well I’ve seen a few customers make few attempts which we won the dispute with ┬áthe credit card company then the customer still has to foot the bill as well they get suspended on paypal sometimes.

Author: Chris

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