Providers I didn’t trust and why

There were alot of hosting sites I never trusted some times it is in the name or the information that’s lacking on the site.

  • nosupportlinuxhosting – The word no support didn’t instill much trust since there is always going to be a problem that arises with webhosting were you may need a php version or module or plugin that is out of your control webhosting wise and reseller wise. as you can see now they were compromised and closed
  • Hostultra – I loved how they did there plans but for some reason my gut told me not to trust them neither which down the road they hosted much more then just websites.
  • Binhoster – Another site I did buy hosting but still didn’t trust and it’s good thing since they are no longer in business.
  • cyberbunker – Out right I never thought to even go with them since they hosted alot of criminal type of sties but I new in time there site would be shut down. the payment methods they offered to gave me a red flag it wasn’t that they were not legit it was the moral as to who bought from them.

Many hosting companys they have the usual part were if there whois is private don’t trust it that is not actually correct since there are many providers I’ve used with private whois they are just as good providers

Author: Chris

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