Lavabit – Do they have support?

I’m a fellow lavabit email for a few years so far it’s been great so far not up until I had billing issue when I went to pay I got error twice then it ended up taking money out of my account. clicked on the contact us page it’s been a 5 Days no response then emailed support almost 3 – 4 days with no response. I decided to call the number on facebook and left a voicemail

Voicemail Saga

  • Day 1 – No response. I’ll keep waiting this out.
  • Day 2 – No response
  • Day 3 – No response
  • I could go on and on on this post since they didn’t call back when I left a clear voicemail.

Contact us page and support email

  • Its actually been a few days since I’ve emailed with zero response.
  • Perhaps they should get a support ticket system inplace that way if your email stop working your able to contact them. that could be alot of voicemails

Did Lavabit just leave there customers hanging?

I see there social media platforms have no updates.

  • Facebook since February 2020
  • twitter now known as X since November 2020

Even found a subreddit on this

So far I’m not able to find anything new on lavabit. since they won’t pickup there phones, nor answers there emails lets go old school and mail them a letter when I was at that last thought I checked my bank account some how those transactions were gone. which now I feel like I can’t trust there system to work properly so I don’t feel like wasting my time or money.

I feel like I’m no longer going to support them if they can’t reply to simple email or phone call. I’ve decided to host my own email on virtual private server. the best part it doesn’t need to be that big of server since it’s personal email. I may offer friends and family if they want a email address.

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