Hosting your own email server from the start

After the whole lavabit no support issue. I decided to hosted my own email servers which has been interesting.

  • What type of email software to use, mailcow, smart mail. mailu
  • Find a provider with clean and non blacklisted ips
  • Making sure the emails show up in the inbox and not spam
  • finding the right vps – if someone used the vps to abuse the ip it just makes it harder on everyone else to use it the proper way.
  • make sure to add DKIM,DMARC,SPF in to the dns record.

So far what I had to do on my server is this:

  • Verify the ip / domain address was clean though mxtoolbox
  • Tested Mailcow, mailinabox, mailu. Figured out I like Mailu it’s very simple
  • Made sure I had the correct dns added such as spf,dkim, dmarc so emails would show up in the actual inbox and not as spam.
  • After finding the ip was on sorbs, spamhaus, outlook I had to go through request the ip be deblacklisted.
  • After nearly week in a half I’m able to send and receive emails from and to gmail and hotmail which before I wasn’t able to.

Author: Chris

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