Is there a such thing as being untraceable?

Now this is based of theory and my own personal experience. I know we have vpn, proxy’s, tor all stuff we’d like to assume it will mask your IP address and make you untraceable.

This is for educational purpose. Is to be used for that purpose.

For starters when your IP address leads to your internet provider and a location of some sort Keep in mind that is not location of the personal account holder it’s the location of the data center or the company who owns the IP.

  • VPN – Can be traced back to the provider – VPN provider still may keep logs and your billing information as well.
  • Proxy server – Based off the information I’ve found they can be to a point.
  • Tor – We all have seen you can be traced on tor as well.

Your ip can be traced to extent. If you have person who has knowledge of ip and dns and how they work they could find away with probably utilizing the tools online internet. There are alot of smart people out there.

Author: Chris

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