How chats and messenger services have changed over the years.

This takes me back to when I first got a computer I started off on aol which back in the day it was a well known internet provider.

You had this aol and it had messenger service on it or AIM as well call it. it by far one of my first messengers my big brother had introduced me to I can’t tell you how many alias I went though on aol..

MSN chat and msn messenger – This was another favorite one that my cousins had introduced me to and I tell you msn chat was so much fun back in those days you had your irc and msn chat bots where you could gain more features in the chat room.

I can’t tell you how many countless hours. I’d spend chatting to friends and doing all nighters just having fun being a teen.

Yahoo Chat / Messenger – After getting bored of the above I’d drop in to yahoo chat where I met even more people. Lets be honest yahoo was like the generic version of msn granted you had voice and video eventually

From where it led to one of my favorite messenger services which is Skype. It’s something I’ve used so much from then and now even still use the updated version. Some of the changes I didn’t like but learned to deal with.

Granted skype did have a group chat but not public type of chat room it was great for voice and video. It was perfect for inviting group of friends on.

This is old school version of skype

Paltalk – When I first was introduce to this by a friend I wasn’t to for sure about it but the more I learned about it the more I loved it more and more. One of the most interesting parts about paltalk they are more toward the voice and video niche. It’s free service but if you want better quality video you pay and the price is actually affordable monthly. yearly annually

Now this would be top of my list. (This is very old version)

Discord – after some convincing few my friends introduce me to this which it’s free had voice and is free. Alot of gamers and just people who want there own chat server use this alot. You can even generate invite links to get people on your chat.

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