The good old msn chat days

I’d give anything to go back to the msn chat days. If you have no idea what I’m talking about this will refresh your mind.  Something teens these days know nothing about.


I bet you remember the msn ocx file you had to download and half of the time you couldn’t get it to work properly. This site still has alot of information about msnchats ocx whether or not the downloads still work or not I’m not for sure.

The mirc msn chat scripts use to give you more powers to enable and disable the chat room features. I’m shocked that microsoft didn’t build something different back in those days. That main connection called Vincula which none of us could ever say the word properly but that was one of the legit working connections to the msn chat until they had closed.  Now it just collects dust in the old cyberspace world.

A fellow msn chat admin created a irc chat based site I haven’t been on it in few months but I think it’s still alive as well as techgear007 aka I think was pretty nice site back in the day and still is active site as of today.


Author: Chris