SUV Died

Ya I can say it’s’ been crazy week when I learn I need new engine really I wasn’t at all prepared mentally and financially at the moment. I had planned to have this suv for about another year or so due to the loan but now I got to pay off the loan sell it then use that money for down payment on newer suv.  So I pretty much got to buckle down make some money.  With my fulltime job and contract job seems to be bring in decent granted a little more extra would be nice but I try not to be greaty.  They say “money is the root of all evil”  Which I think is true to extent.

I’ve started with calling my bank I got the loan from and my personal bank and looking for other ways to com up what money I have to pay off the loan and to throw down some cash for newer suv. I had planned on moving in few months so I’m making attempt to save for that as well.

I’m always ready for a challenge. But this is one I’m going facing head on which I know I will get through this there is always hope at the end at this point I’m still working to find H

I may put some stuff up for sell on my site which all that is going towards my new suv.

Author: Chris