MS Outlook365 Vs Thunderbird

I recently wanted to see some of the features of outlook so I decide I’d get it and see how it is so far will I’m not to impressed. with it because some emails won’t even show up if you have .html file or .txt

Ms outlook on the left and Thunderbird on the right.

Trying to find fix is like trying to find needle in a hay stack and it turns out this isn’t even feature that Microsoft has implemented . I’ve been working to find a fix on msoffice365 forum. The only way to view it is to manually doing it. You’d think for paid for type of program like this any email would show up. If Thunderbird can do it they are free outlook can do it to.

This has made me rethink my selection email clients now. I mean come on you pay money for this they should have this feature look at thunder bird it’s free and you get feature that outlook can’t seem to comprehend the reason a person would use it.

Author: Chris

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