Microsoft outlook error (windows 10)

It started out when I wanted to check my email and then this error appeared.

screenshot-at-22-05-12Now it got me wondering what did I last do or update then I recalled that I had changed emailed providers on one of my email which was just the issue that had caused the issue if you change your email from exchange to like gmail make sure to remove the email from outlook first or it will cause this error above if you forget but there is solution to fix this issue.

    • Open up a folder any folder
    • Copy and paste Control Panel\All Control Panel Items You should see this.


  • Click on Mail (Microsoft outlook 2016 2016)  (32 Bit)
  • Then you should see this
  • screenshot-at-09-30-53Then click on Email Accounts you may see the same here but it should let you go to Account Settings
  • Then select the Exchange email and remove it this should resolve your issue.

If any of this doesn’t work or is out of date please let us know via on our social media pages.


Author: Chris