Hate being scammed. Consider these tips

This isn’t a tutorial on how to scam it’s pretty much warning signs a person could be scammer this is all based off real experience.

I was scammed many years ago I was still a bit young dumb, You know how you get in that age range and you don’t want to listen to anyone. Will I was like that but now I’m more savvy these days. I don’t want this to be about me though this information is designed to help you.

Red Flags

  • When a company or business wants you to invest money unless your going to be partener and you sign legit paperwork.
  • If the product your buying is much lower then the retail value. It could be scam or knock off
  • If person wants to borrow money but yet you have no information on them. I don’t care how much they will say they will pay you back just don’t do it.
  • Nigerian emails “Saying something please send us your information so we can send you this 500 million dollars” Huge scam. just reply ask for that in pennies they seem to not to like that they actually stopped emailing me. I’d swear they all are the same cause like all stopped emailing me.
  • If your hosting provider you signed up with ask you to donate to them. (Ya you just want to end your business with them because chances are it won’t be up next month)
  • Any company that wants to add you to there inner circle for fee.
  • When buying car, truck, suv make sure your buying from dealer ship and not place that looks like your grandpa’s barn.
  • If it sounds too good to be true

Being Savvy

  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Block those people who tried or attempted.
  • When buying from any were read and do research on the internet about the company.
  • Check out the better business bureau (not all good companies are listed here)
  • If you’re buying from a hosting provider check out forums such as webhostingtalk.com, wjunction.com, vpsboard.com, lowendtalk.com.


If you have been scammed here is somethings I recommend

  • Gather all logs and proof (screen shots, text logs) If you do record make sure you’re abiding by your local laws or you could get in trouble with the wiretapping law. it works for you and it can work against you
  • Call the local police department in your area
  • report to ic3.org

Author: Chris