Friends To Enemies 1

Back when I first started learning what the internet was about I had made many amazing friends I tell you the type of friends where we would do all sorts of dumb things. One of my good friends he had started tech site which it was popular site. The most crazy part is I remember when the site had started off with only 10 members then the member count jumped to 100 then 1000 which was crazy.

It was such a great experience to help him from the start I warned him that I was no expert at servers granted I knew few tips and tricks which helped some granted I wish I knew more back in those days like I do now. As time went on they had transformed that site in to a gaming site.

We had few competitors gaming site that would launch full scale DDoS attacks on our servers which then when our providers would null route our ip address because they couldn’t handled the DDoS attack due to the data center not being fully prepared for such attack because back in those days DDoS attacks are not as common as they are now. We had very cheap dedicated server to start with then eventually moved up to something managed that could atleast handled ddos attacks

To Be Continued…..

Author: Chris

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