Feeling so weak

This week has been crazy had cold + allergies so I ended up going back to the doctors a second time which they got me on few meds nearly ended up with 3 – 5 different medications but I’m feeling much better. Many people recommend not going to the doctor but I prefer the doctors they know what there doing and the right path to go.

The effects of being sick really made my lazy, tired which now I got a bit of energy so I’m going to use it to clean my place a bit and push out more updates on this site as well . I felt so weak and tired every day of work I had to push myself through it. I’m one of those people who will go to work sick and not bitch about it to anyone just suck it up and move on and I think many co-workers could see it but they had helped many of them would crack jokes like we always do which it gave me motivation to keep going and I made it through this 5 day work week with over 50 hours of work.

I had days where I didn’t want to get out of bed but I did it I tell you it was worth it everytime going to work it is because I’ve became known for being that person they knew would come in thick thin, rain, snow, Zombie apocalypse.

Author: Chris