This has been bugging me cause we all seems to cater to one ethnicity when we should consider every ethnicity when we don’t. Whats wrong with this world today is my question we think we got it worse when others got it by far more worse but yet we forget still gain focus towards this specific ethnic.  When growing up I was taught to be fair and at this point we didn’t have much ethnicity in my school however growing up it never matter what color, gender, race you are.

When I see the campaign #blacklifesmatter It’s be frustrating because it shouldn’t be one sided it should be #everyonelivesmatter. We have all have blood running through our veins why not be fair.

There are far more things to think about.

  • School , collage shootings (many different ethnicity were shot and hurt)
  • North Korea they have far strict rules as well as concentration camps as well you say something wrong you go there sometimes they murder your whole family if you try to escape the country
  • Kids being bullied those are different ethnic as well .
  • Cops shootings but this happens around the world.


Author: Chris