Consider less payment methods for your hosting business

When you are running a hosting business you will find yourself trying to replace funds through out the many merchants some people will order a server with payza which many server providers accept paypal which then you have to pay with paypal and figure out how you convert the funds. Which it’s a mess so just pick 2 – 3 at the most.


What I recommend

Paypal – It’s nice convenient nearly every provider uses paypal these days why not. You may need to prove who you are so keep eye out for that they will limit your account make sure to have a drivers license handy and scanner.

Stripe – Creditcard / bitcoin merchant there pretty simple to sign up don’t require alot. Most billing systems have stripe within in.

Bitcoin – I’ve had bad luck luck with bitpay they just took all the money with zero explination so I’d recommend ¬†coinbase instead.

Don’t recommend

payza – They kept changing things within the usa and canada which was confusing they had card you could put money on but it wasn’t usable at all.

2co – They will cancel your account at anytime they feel they have a huge list of prohibited items it’s pretty ridiculous

There will be a time where you will get hit with fraud so keep eye out for it and make sure to verify the names within the merchant accounts with the accounts that are created within your system. ¬†I’d even recommend calling to verify who the people are if asking them for passport and the credit card the paid with this now most people would consider this a invasion of their privacy.


Author: Chris