School shootings. How can we stop them?

This place has been spot for geeky stuff but lately I’ve been seeing alot of school shootings on the news and it’ doesn’t stop. To make a change it takes us to make a change. You may ask how can we help? Very good question you can by being vigilant and reporting those who make

Is there a such thing as being untraceable?

Now this is based of theory and my own personal experience. I know we have vpn, proxy’s, tor all stuff we’d like to assume it will mask your IP address and make you untraceable. This is for educational purpose. Is to be used for that purpose. For starters when your IP address leads to your

Time To Change

I’ve been sitting with the same old theme for I don’t know how long. So I thought I would change things up just make it more different. I’m not for sure if I will stick with it but for now. We will see how this turns out. I thought I would make this short and

Outlook 365 Vs Mailbird

Okay I most certainly thought outlook had a chance but will no and with mailbird being much more affordable email client it’s up on my list. Most likely second on my list. This should be embarrassing for Outlook. If you pay for outlook 365 monthly at $6.99 it would average out to $84.00 Vs Mailbird