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Social media publishing

It’s been few months since I’ve published much on Facebook and twitter due to my social media plugin stopped working. So I’ve been hunting for a different one after few months I believe I found decent one spent about 8 hours finding the right one but I think I nailed it. . You should be

I tried to order from leasewebs

I had friend offer to sell me vps but I was a bit excited to try something new or if even new provider I haven’t tried so I thought I would try to order from leasewebs. From start I fill in the information you know first last name and address and all that jazz then

Facebook competitor MeWe

Could MeWe be a Facebook alternative? A friend had came to me and showed me this site. What I like about it’s simple and easy nothing difficult and no crazy ads, tracking .  Your in control.  they do support android and ios. So far I haven’t gotten that far to test it yet.  It’s my