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Moving Away From WHM/Cpanel

We finally moved away from WHM/Cpanel partially because there price hiking I can’t personally justify spending $30.00 on a vps license. So Good bye WHM/Cpanel. Starting a new page so the first thing I though was Direct Admin I started to go through it and realized it was it was more hard the I bargain

A Work in progress

I’ve been working more on this site to increase the performance of it. I take and value you feed back and advise. While working on this site I realized a few things. A lot of plugins. Since WordPress now has YouTube integration there is no need for YouTube plugin. Update settings on server. Still working

Dumb Mistakes

So few months ago my place was heat treated for bugs and I had misread the paper date because I had thought that was the date I had to sign by or something to that effect. So I come home I see van in front of my place with blanket looking thing over my door

Do you hate bugs?

There has been a few bugs on this platform with the social media plugin not wanting to work so after doing some digging I did find a different social media plugin which now works so over the next few days you will be seeing some new post coming on to facebook and twitter. I’m looking

The pool is not closed

I’ve came to the conclusion I’ve done alot of work on this site and I decided to do more of a blog base and not forum base until I know for sure people actually want to post content granted I had few good post it’s to bad I didn’t get all the post moved over. 

New discord chat

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now so I figured I might as well do this so now post will come out to our discord channel as well as twitter, facebook. Here is our discord If you’d just like to chat or if your bored or want to learn something new feel free to