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How to choose isp

I know many of you have questions on how to choose ISP it’s good to be wise and do a little research. If you have more then one provider in your area. Here are the different types of connections that most ISP (Internet Service Providers) Fixed wireless – It’s internet via satellite that’s mounted on

The cyber bully and the offline bully.

In this new modern age of the internet we have offline bullies and online bullies far different from the internet troll. These types of bullies typically have issues at home and they don’t know how to handle it so they take it out on someone else whether it’s online or offline. We all know about

Internet Trolls and stalkers

Internet Trolls – I can’t tell you how many I’ve ran in to on the internet in my 15 years of being online there are so many of them. You can’t stop them and it’s nearly impossible to banned them due to some will just change there ip or create a new name. It’s very

Hate being scammed. Consider these tips

This isn’t a tutorial on how to scam it’s pretty much warning signs a person could be scammer this is all based off real experience. I was scammed many years ago I was still a bit young dumb, You know how you get in that age range and you don’t want to listen to anyone.