You don’t have to read it because your force to you can read it because you have time.

For starters I don’t know where to start I’ve been a geek most of my life and I didn’t know until I was like 13 – 14 years old I started out with nothing living in the projects as they say an we couldn’t afford a computer at the time so I used my imagination most of the time then one day my dad had gave me a computer with windows 3.1 on it and which didn’t have internet on it after few months of having that one of my moms friend traded us for a newer computer I believe it was windows 98 or 95 I can’t remember but from there that’s where I begin it started out that my big brother was the geek for a few years him and his chats on AOL and his tricks and such which I won’t mention which then few years down the road we had some computer issues and ram issues the computer was about to to dye I do think we got another one until one Christmas we woke up to new computer with windows ME edition.

In the mean time I started chatting on msn chat got to learn all about the msn chat bots and the IRC chat basically it would allow you connect to the chat and it would enable you to have more features the first bots were basic and use send keys one of the popular bots turned out to be a Trojan it wasn’t until the code was released and I felt stupid and wondered why my computer ran so slow then. I found out but then I moved up to IRC chat bots which this would give you ten times more features if you were a host of a chat room it would allow you to put a chat room on invite only which on msn chat there wasn’t away in the basic web base chat  which it made it more enjoy able and more challenging to run a chat room

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