Switching back to Outlook

I guess I got use to things actually working like there suppose to within thunderbird. I wanted to move back to outlook just because it had some handy features so I thought. I did try to reach out to Microsoft support but that was another fun game just because I was trying to them the

My own email server

For the past month I’ve been wanting to host my own email server granted I know there is alot of providers out there but I just don’t know what they are doing so I figure I might as well get vps host my own email server and if friends, family wanted unique email address I’d

Social media publishing

It’s been few months since I’ve published much on Facebook and twitter due to my social media plugin stopped working. So I’ve been hunting for a different one after few months I believe I found decent one spent about 8 hours finding the right one but I think I nailed it. . You should be

I tried to order from leasewebs

I had friend offer to sell me vps but I was a bit excited to try something new or if even new provider I haven’t tried so I thought I would try to order from leasewebs. From start I fill in the information you know first last name and address and all that jazz then