Outlook 365 Vs Mailbird

Okay I most certainly thought outlook had a chance but will no and with mailbird being much more affordable email client it’s up on my list. Most likely second on my list. This should be embarrassing for Outlook. If you pay for outlook 365 monthly at $6.99 it would average out to $84.00 Vs Mailbird

EMClient Vs Thunderbird

The last topic made me think what other email client could Thunderbird beat. Now Emclient is another paid email client I’m to cheap to buy and now I found another reason not to get it. I just wanted a reason to buy Em client and it looks like they won’t read .html or .txt files

MS Outlook365 Vs Thunderbird

I recently wanted to see some of the features of outlook so I decide I’d get it and see how it is so far will I’m not to impressed. with it because some emails won’t even show up if you have .html file or .txt Trying to find fix is like trying to find needle

Switching back to Outlook

I guess I got use to things actually working like there suppose to within thunderbird. I wanted to move back to outlook just because it had some handy features so I thought. I did try to reach out to Microsoft support but that was another fun game just because I was trying to them the