Facebook competitor MeWe

Could MeWe be a Facebook alternative? A friend had came to me and showed me this site. What I like about it’s simple and easy nothing difficult and no crazy ads, tracking .  Your in control.  they do support android and ios. So far I haven’t gotten that far to test it yet.  It’s my

New vps provider on the horizon

Now I’ve recently had change providers this one is so so granted after upgrading my package it seems to be a little better but I think I need more cores in this vps to get to where it was at.  I think I will see how this month goes and go from there.  I have

Server4you Review

This will be alike no other review I’ve done and most of my reviews are more good then bad and this may be different. Server4you.com Pros:- Good vps deals for 100 GB SD / 2 Vcores /4 GB ram or 200GB with the same as ram and core. - Live Support very helpful manage to

Lesson learned.

it’s not until recently I had been trying to buy VPS server from 2 well known providers and the first one I tried I had mismatch error and was flagged in the fraud system keep in mind I made sure all of my information was updated but since it was late the billing department wasn’t