How to Watch DVD on Linux Mint

It wasn’t until I tried to watch one of my favorite movies I noticed the movie wouldn’t play. After I did some digging it turn out I needed a decoder for the codecs Which I found this link here the first link really depends on the country your in. This just if you want to

Adding Gmail to Thunderbird

You may ask why? I say why not. so it appears that thunderbird try to use Oauth2 to authenticate gmail. A few months ago this worked like charm but now it doesn’t so this seems to work best. I will start from the beginning if you are newbie (Newbie friendly) If you just installed thunder

Test driving Linux Mint Cinnamon

First thoughts on Linux Mint. It was very easy to install and it didn’t take that long. Very smooth at installing apps was able to get all my stuff I use on my desktop so discord, spotify thunderbird, filezilla and I could use wine to do office if I want still unsure about it but

Dabbling with Hugo

I wanted to share my experience about hugo. I’m not going to sugar coat this and I will be honest. These are just first thoughts. I may update this I can compare this experience with going fishing at a lake it takes time and patients to learn. Check it out for your self The Pros

Moving Away From WHM/Cpanel

We finally moved away from WHM/Cpanel partially because there price hiking I can’t personally justify spending $30.00 on a vps license. So Good bye WHM/Cpanel. Starting a new page so the first thing I though was Direct Admin I started to go through it and realized it was it was more hard the I bargain