Plugins I recommend

Here is just few plugins I have and use there maybe more I’ll add later Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Facebook Auto Publish WP to Twitter Wufoo Shortcode Plugin Wordfence Security Theme Check Disable Comments Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft

What I’ve learned

Backup Backup backup. I should have always did it but with interworx I got a bit lazy at this point my days or should I say nights are so crazy at times having to implement backup manually can be pain per account I will submit idea to interworx . I’m not posting blame on them

WordPress post preview button issue (Solution)

One of my friends was having an issue when he made a post on wordpress he was unable to preview it. This is general troubleshooting How we ruled it out Checked the htaccess file Cleared the browser cookies Checked the mysql database Then deactivated all plugins (which made it work) What we did next Activate