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The great idea

I’ve made few changes on here so let’s get to business.  Created Mrgeekchris youtube account where all tutorials, geek chats will be the old youtube will still be around for my personal videos with not much geeky stuff. Did some tweaks on the server to increase the sites speed. Hopefully you see the difference. You

Website issues (Resolved)

It all started with an wonderful error which earlier that day I had enabled further security on wordpress which that’s what had caused the to many connection issue.  Sometimes it’s less then what it is so what I learn is to keep more of open mind when solving such issues as this one. What was

Woot woot updates

So I wasn’t to fond of the previous layout as I am with most layout I think I’m onto one I actually like. Which this current new one enables me to make nearly any modification to my standards as for others where more crazy wouldn’t let me do what I wanted. I did change up

You can now subscribe

Yes you can now get these post I create within your inbox granted I don’t know why you would want these handy and information post in your inbox but you can.  It’s free as well I don’t charge for this one bit I may put some type of ads on this page when I get